2 Navy commanders fired in one day

2 Navy commanders fired in one day

On Wednesday, the Navy stated that the COs of two vessels had been removed from their duties.
Cmdr. Alexa Jenkins, formerly in charge of the USS Carney (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer) out of Naval Station Mayport, Florida and part of Naval Surface Squadron 14, was relieved of her duties on Thursday.

According to a news statement from the Navy, Jenkins has been Carney’s CO since June of 2022.

Captain Aaron Anderson will be the ship’s new temporary CO.
The Navy also announced on the same day that Captain Michael D. Nordeen had been replaced as commanding officer of the San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock USS Mesa Verde.

In August of 2022, Nordeen took command of the USS Mesa Verde out of Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia.

Capt. Gregory Baker, currently the Chief of Staff at ESG-2, will assume command in the meantime.

Jenkins’ and Nordeen’s dismissals were justified by a “loss of trust” in their leadership skills. However, the Navy did not elaborate on the root of the problems.

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