7 Tech Startup Ideas to Start Now

7 Tech Startup Ideas to Start Now

7 Tech Startup Ideas to Start Now. Every business is scrambling to develop a viable business idea in the current economic climate. Today’s youth have grown used to instant gratification, and soon as a new app or software hits the market, countless entrepreneurs from all walks of life try to cash in on the craze. Because of this, it is more complex than ever to stand out from the crowd and launch a startup that can compete with the best. However, there are still good ideas out there waiting for an enterprising innovator to discover them. With that in mind, here are 7 startup ideas you can start today:

1. Social Networking App

A social networking app has become essential to a successful business plan. In the internet age, it is rare to have a business that doesn’t have a social presence. The problem is that most people need to realize how much time they spend on their favorite social media sites and how valuable that information can be to their business. The first step to developing your social network is picking a platform you want to work with as your base and then researching the features you want on your site. Once you have identified what features will make your app stand out, you can start building it and planning for its launch.

2. Food Delivery App

Dining out is something many people enjoy, but there is a need for options when it comes to finding a place to eat that is delicious and conveniently located. To solve this problem, many entrepreneurs are creating new food delivery services that are making it easier than ever to eat well without seeing a menu. The next step in developing your food delivery app is to research the kind of food you want to deliver and what kind of customers you want to serve. Once you have identified the best way for you and your business model to succeed, it’s time to plan the launch of your app.

3. Real-Time Bus Tracking Software

Bus tracking software is a booming industry these days. Companies are investing significant money to design and implement robust technology to track buses across major routes. The problem, of course, is that only a few people have the requisite computer knowledge or know-how to install, maintain, and manage such software. Moreover, bus routes are dynamic and may include several daily stops and different paths at different times.

While computer software can adjust and predict the changing courses of buses, there needs to be better software that can track and predict real-time changes in bus routes, making it essential for anyone looking to get on the bus. Bus tracking software has been around for many years but has gained popularity in the last 5 years. You can find bus tracking software for Android and iOS operating systems. Bus tracking software can track bus routes and arrival times and can also be used to plan bus trips. If a bus fails to show up, the software can be used to track the bus route and predict the next arrival time of the bus.

4. AI-Based Sports Analytics Platform

Sports are an excellent avenue for startups to enter the market. With the growing popularity of the internet and digital media, the sports sector has never been more lucrative, especially for startups. AI-based sports analytics platforms leverage machine learning and AI to create automated prediction models that can analyze and analyze unstructured sports data such as game results, match statistics, player performance, and more. The two significant challenges in the sports market are that data is unstructured, and teams want to keep their data private from the public. Therefore, it’s an area where AI can help teams solve their challenges.

5. A Chatbot for Hiring Staff for Online Platforms

With the growing popularity of online services, especially those that cater to small businesses, the need for hiring employees is constant and widespread. However, hiring employees has always been a challenge for startups, particularly those that need a large pool of employees from which to choose. A solution to this problem could be a hiring bot designed to handle all the hiring-related challenges and complications.

Chatbots are gaining popularity for handling different tasks and solving problems. However, most of the time, they’re used to automate recurring tasks and processes. What if we create a hiring bot that can handle all the hiring processes across different online platforms, such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Guru? The company can post job openings, collect applications, and automate the hiring process.

6. 3D Printing Service for Businesses

3D printing technology has revolutionized the way people make everyday products. People can no longer rely on manufacturing companies to produce products but can make them. Could we print out customized goods like business cards, stationery, and posters?

Business owners can now easily print out customized business cards, posters, and stationery items, eliminating the need to go to a printing shop and pay a premium price to print out basic business cards. Business owners can request endless services through this 3D printing service. For example, they can print out business cards with custom images, one-of-a-kind designs, and even custom holograms that allow you to display messages on the cards digitally.

7. Blockchain-Based Currency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrencies have made it easier to transfer money worldwide quickly and securely. However, the current model for exchanging cryptocurrencies is flawed and needs to be fixed. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning that transactions are recorded in a public ledger called a blockchain. However, the current model for exchanging cryptocurrencies on exchanges is centralized, with control being held by a few entities.

There’s a need for a decentralized model that allows anyone to trade cryptocurrencies without intermediaries. A blockchain-based currency exchange platform is an excellent idea for a startup. Such a platform could allow users to trade various cryptocurrencies and function as an investment platform, helping businesses raise money through initial coin offerings (ICOs). A cryptocurrency exchange should enable users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies and function as an investment platform.


There is a lot of competition in the business world, but the good news is that the top tech startups have survived and thrived in this environment. These companies have been able to identify the next big thing and have been able to implement it for the masses. By carefully examining the current market trends and new technologies, you can locate the next tech trend poised to have a lasting impact on society.