A fraudulent candidacy:’ Former House Speaker Paul Ryan calls on George Santos to resign

Paul Ryan calls on George Santos

Now former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) is adding his voice to the growing chorus of prominent Republicans asking for the resignation of freshman Representative George Santos.
Unlike some other campaigns, this one isn’t trying to make a better impression than it actually does. This is an entirely phony bid for office. To gain support, he deceived the public. This being the case, he should stand down immediately, “Ryan explained to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday. But I can’t say that I find him to be a very honorable guy.

Ryan joins other Republicans in asking for Santos’ resignation, including the chairman of the New York State Republican Committee, U.S. Representative Nick Langworthy, and a group of Republican leaders from Nassau County, a portion of the state that Santos partially represents.
Who from the Republican Party in the House has demanded that Santos resign?

The request for Santos’ resignation has come from at least seven other Republican House members in addition to Langworthy.
New York’s Marcus Molinaro, Nick Lakota, Rep. Michael Lawler, Brandon Williams, and Anthony D’Esposito, together with Ohio’s Max Miller and South Carolina’s Nancy Mace, made a list.
On Wednesday, Gerard Kasser, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, issued a statement calling on Santos to resign, saying that the freshman’s falsehoods “morally disqualify” him from participating in government.
Santos is unwavering in his resolve to complete his tenure in office.

Since The New York Times reported in December that Santos had lied about his past and CV during his campaign, he has been under increasing pressure to quit. Freshman, though, plans to stay for the whole two years.

On Thursday, Santos told Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast that he came to Washington to serve the people, not politicians or party leaders. Once a top strategist in the Trump administration, Bannon was replaced by Gaetz.
So, what is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying about Santos now that the heat is on him?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has not been convinced by the rising number of Republicans asking for the New York politician to resign and instead plans to continue him Santos to serve on House committees.
“Voters have chosen George Santos. He will address the ethics (committee) if there is cause for concern “McCarthy declared on Thursday during a news conference. “He will be dealt with accordingly if the evidence is produced, but they have a say in the matter.
The competitive New York district that encompasses northern Queens and part of Long Island’s North Shore may swing to the Democrats in a special election if Santos is ousted, significantly eroding the GOP’s already slender control in the House.

Santos’ support for McCarthy remained unwavering during the four-day-long House Speaker contest earlier this month. He supported the Republican from California on all 15 ballots, ultimately giving him the speakership by the slimmest of margins.