Are You Done? Lawyer Reacts to Trump’s Angry Rant During Deposition

Trump’s Angry Rant During Deposition

An attorney for a woman suing the former president for sexual assault inquired about one of Trump’s social media postings, and the former president snapped at the lawyer.
A federal court in New York unsealed Trump’s October deposition in the case filed against him by E. Jean Carroll on Friday. A dismissal request filed by Trump’s lawyers was also denied by the judge.

During the mid-1990s, Carroll said Trump raped her in a dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman shop in Manhattan, an allegation Trump denied in 2019. Trump has stated that the accusation is false.

During the deposition, a lawyer for Carroll questioned Trump about a comment he had made on his website, Truth Social.

Trump released a long response on October 12 in which he referred to Carroll as “Ms. Bergdorf Goodman” and labeled the claim against him a “total scam operation.”

And even though I am not at liberty to say this, I will. I’m not interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

The lawyer for Carroll wanted to know why the ex-president had made the remarks public. Trump then responded with a tirade against Carroll, during which he threatened to sue Carroll and her legal team:

Why did you choose October 12th to make the announcement on Truth Social?

As a result of (a) I took offense to this woman’s untruth. I was insulted by the fact that she could just make up a whole tale out of thin air, which was disproved by her testimony on CNN, and that I received a phone call inquiring about this ludicrous circumstance. There’s something off about the lady, in my opinion. Okay. However, this is a completely unfounded claim. Something like that never occurred and never would. And I’ve posted, and I’ll keep posting till — and then when this is all over, I’ll sue her, and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most. As a result, I intend to file a lawsuit against you as well. In a large number of instances, and I am familiar with the claims you have made. If you want to defeat Trump, the best method is to keep him preoccupied with lawsuits. So, I’ll be suing you too, but I’ll be using her hard as soon as this is through. However, I want to sue you as well.

To which I reply, “Are you finished?”

A. Yeah.

What, if anything, motivated you to make this comment last week?

A. Yeah. And now I have to waste a whole day answering these pointless questions with you, thanks to her lie.

We may expect the trial to begin in February.