How to Add Florals to Candle Sticks?

How to Add Florals to Candle Sticks

Learn how to add florals to candle sticks. This step-by-step guide provides creative ideas and techniques to decorate candle sticks with flowers, creating stunning centerpieces for any occasion.

Candlesticks are not just functional items for providing light and ambiance; they can also be transformed into exquisite decorative pieces. One way to elevate the elegance of your candle sticks is by incorporating floral arrangements. Adding florals to candle sticks enhances their visual appeal and creates beautiful centerpieces for weddings, parties, or everyday decor. This article will explore various techniques and ideas for incorporating florals into candle sticks, allowing you to create stunning and unique decorative pieces.

How to Add Florals to Candle Sticks: Step-By-Step Guide

Choosing the Right Candle Sticks

When adding florals to candle sticks, choosing the right candle holders that complement your desired aesthetic is essential. Consider the size, form, and material of the candle sticks. Opt for holders with a stable base that can securely hold the candles. Also, choose candle sticks with a design or color that harmonizes with the chosen florals.

Selecting the Perfect Florals

The selection of florals plays a crucial role in creating beautiful candle stick arrangements. Choose flowers that match your event or decor’s overall theme and color palette. Consider the size of the flowers around the candle sticks to maintain visual balance. Fresh flowers, dried flowers, or even artificial blooms can be used, relying on the desired effect and longevity of the arrangement.

Preparing the Candle Sticks

Before adding florals:

  1. Ensure the candle sticks are clean and free from dust or debris.
  2. Wipe the surface areas with a soft cloth or use mild soap and water if needed.
  3. Allow them to dry thoroughly before proceeding with the floral decoration.

Creating Floral Rings

One charming way to incorporate florals is by creating floral rings to adorn the candle sticks. Start by selecting a circular base, such as a foam wreath ring or a small grapevine wreath. Secure the chosen florals onto the base using floral wire or hot glue. Carefully place the ring around the candle stick, adjusting the position as necessary. Floral rings add an elegant touch to candle sticks and are perfect for weddings and special occasions.

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Adorning with Flower Garlands

One of the most enchanting ways to add florals to your candle sticks is by adorning them with flower garlands. Flower garlands create a whimsical and romantic ambiance, making them perfect for weddings, parties, or everyday decor. Here are fewer steps to help you achieve this beautiful look:

Choose Your Flowers:

Select flowers that match the color scheme and style you desire. Consider using a mix of different blooms to add depth and visual interest. Roses, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and lavender are popular for creating stunning flower garlands.

Prepare the Garlands:

Measure the length of the garland needed by wrapping a flexible measuring tape around the candle stick or by visually estimating the desired length. Add a few extra inches to ensure a comfortable fit. Using floral wire or twine, create a base for the garland by wrapping it around the stems of the flowers and securing them in place.

Attach the Garlands:

Carefully drape the flower garland around the candle stick, starting from the top and working your way down. Use small floral wire or a clear fishing line to secure the garland at various points, ensuring it remains securely attached. Be gentle to avoid damaging the flowers or breaking the stems.

Add Greenery:

To enhance the natural and lush look of the garland, incorporate greenery such as ivy, ferns, or leaves into the arrangement. Tuck the stems of the greenery into the garland, intertwining them with the flowers. This will add texture and deepness to the overall design.

Ensure Safety:

While flower garlands can be incredibly beautiful, prioritizing safety is essential. Ensure the garlands do not come into direct contact with the flame of the candles. Keep the flowers and any additional materials safe from the candle wicks to prevent any accidents or fire hazards.

Refresh and Maintain:

As fresh flowers will eventually wilt, it’s important to regularly refresh and maintain the garlands. Check for any faded or wilted flowers and replace them with fresh blooms. Mist the flowers lightly with water to keep them hydrated and vibrant.

Adorning candle sticks with flower garlands add an enchanting and romantic touch to any space or event. The soft, natural beauty of the flowers combined with the warm glow of the candles creates a captivating atmosphere that will impress. Whether you’re hosting a special occasion or want to add a tinge of dignity to your home, flower garlands are an excellent choice for enhancing the beauty of your candle sticks. Experiment with different flowers, colors, and greenery to create unique and personalized designs that will leave a lasting impression.

Wrapping Candle Sticks with Flowers

Another way to incorporate florals is by wrapping them around the candle sticks. To achieve this look, you can use fresh flowers, artificial blooms, or even dried flowers. Please start by selecting the flowers and greenery of your choice and cutting them into small sections. Utilize floral wire to secure the stems to the candle stick, wrapping them around until the entire surface is covered. This technique creates a romantic and whimsical ambiance and is perfect for outdoor settings.

Enhancing with Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can add a rustic and vintage charm to your candle stick arrangements. They are also long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. Choose dried flowers that complement the color and design of your candle sticks. Gently attach the stems to the candle sticks using floral wire or hot glue. You can also use a small spray adhesive to help the flowers stick. This technique is ideal for fall or winter events and can create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Experimenting with Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers offer a variety of benefits, including their long-lasting nature and the ability to be used repeatedly. They also provide a wider range of colors and designs than natural flowers. Select artificial blooms that complement the style and color of your candle sticks. Use hot glue or any floral wire to attach the flowers to the candle holders. Artificial flowers are perfect for creating a whimsical or colorful ambiance and are ideal for events where you want the decoration to last longer.

Incorporating Seasonal Blooms

Incorporating seasonal blooms into your candle stick arrangements can create a festive and seasonal atmosphere. Choose flowers that are in season and complement the color scheme of your event or decor. You can use fresh or dried seasonal flowers, depending on your preference. Experiment with various colors and designs to create unique and captivating arrangements.

Maintaining and Refreshing Floral Decor

To maintain the beauty of your floral candle stick arrangements, it’s important to keep them clean and fresh. Remove any wilted or dead flowers and replace them with fresh ones. Gently wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth to remove dust or debris. If using fresh flowers, change the water regularly to prevent bacterial growth. Proper care ensures that your floral candle stick arrangements can last several days or weeks.


What types of candle sticks are best for adding florals?

Candlesticks with a stable base and a design harmonizing with the chosen florals are ideal.

Can I use artificial flowers instead of fresh ones?

Yes, artificial flowers offer various colors and designs and can be used repeatedly.

How do I keep the freshness of my floral candle stick arrangements?

Remove any wilted or dead flowers and replace them with fresh ones. Change the water regularly if using fresh flowers.

What types of florals are ideal for fall events?

Dried flowers can add a rustic and vintage charm to fall events. Choose dried flowers that complement the color and design of your candle sticks.

Can I use seasonal blooms for my candle stick arrangements?

Yes, incorporating seasonal blooms can create a festive and seasonal atmosphere. Choose flowers that are in season and complement the color scheme of your event or decor.


Incorporating florals into candle sticks is a creative and unique way to enhance the visual appeal of your home or event decor. Whether you use fresh, dried, or artificial flowers, the possibilities for creating beautiful and captivating arrangements are endless. By following the techniques and ideas in this article, you can easily transform your candle sticks into stunning centerpieces that will impress your guests and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.