How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency: The Ultimate Guide for Non-Marketers

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency The Ultimate Guide for Non-Marketers

It can be challenging to get into the world of digital marketing as a non-marketer. After all, who wants to create user-friendly marketing campaigns when you’ve never designed a website before? However, if you put in the time and effort, it may be a gratifying experience. The good news is that no specific knowledge or training is required to become an effective digital marketer. All you need is determination and imagination. Many tools are available for non-marketers wishing to enter the sector, but finding them can be difficult. This article will cover everything you need to know about launching your own digital marketing agency as a non-marketer.

What is Digital Marketing?

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses any form of online marketing. It includes content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), paid to advertise, and many other methods. As long as your business has an online presence, digital marketing can help you reach your target market and increase sales. Many marketers focus on one or two aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO or paid advertising. However, most businesses benefit from combining these strategies to reach new customers and grow their revenue.


How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency for Beginners

There are many ways to make money from digital marketing; you need a plan that works for your business model. Suppose you want to start a digital marketing agency with no experience whatsoever. In that case, the first thing you should do is attend training courses at local colleges or universities that teach SEO and SMM skills. You’ll learn how to create content for websites and social media platforms, as well as how to optimize these assets for search engines like Google and Bing. After completing these courses, you can approach local businesses with offers of free services in exchange for exposure on their websites and social media accounts. This strategy allows novice marketers like yourself to gain experience while giving back to the community at the same time.

Should You Start a Digital Agency?

As we’ve discussed, becoming a digital marketer doesn’t require any special skills. So why not start an agency that doesn’t require any special training either? A few key benefits to starting a digital agency as a non-marketer: You’ll have a steady revenue stream. Let’s say that during your first month as an agency, you manage to land one new project. Now let’s say that project brings in $1,000 in revenue. That’s $1,000 you didn’t have before the project came in.

The Benefits of Starting a Digital Marketing Agency for Beginners

There are many benefits to starting a digital marketing agency for beginners, including the following:

You’ll gain practical skills through hands-on training that you can use to start and grow your business. You can charge higher rates than freelancers because clients will see the value in hiring an expert with training from local colleges or universities. You’ll learn how to integrate social media into your marketing campaign and attract new customers online. You’ll be able to attract clients by showing them samples of your work, such as landing pages, social media ads, or other campaigns you’ve created. You can build up your reputation as an expert in SEO and SMM through case studies and testimonials.

Step 1: Decide if you can build it yourself.

It may seem like a silly question, but it’s an important one. If you feel confident that you can build a digital marketing agency with your current business, move forward with it. However, you might consider finding a partner if you don’t feel confident that you can build an agency. There are plenty of opportunities for non-marketers to partner up and start an agency. For example, suppose your skill set is already in-demand. In that case, you might consider partnering with a digital marketer with the necessary experience and expertise.

Step 2: Figure out if you need an agency or freelancer

At this point, you’ll need to decide whether to hire an agency or freelancer to help you get started. If you can handle everything independently, you might consider hiring an agency as a subcontractor to help you with the administrative work. Suppose you don’t think you can handle the administrative work of running an agency independently. In that case, you might consider hiring an agency to ease the burden. To decide between hiring as a subcontractor or an agency, ask yourself: Is the work that needs to be done easy or complicated?

Step 3: Find the right talent for your agency

Once you’ve decided if you need to hire an agency or freelancer and figured out if you can handle the work independently, you’ll need to find the right talent. There are plenty of digital marketing agencies looking to hire outside of the traditional channels, so you’ll likely be able to find someone in your area. To find the right people for your agency, you’ll need to target early-stage startups and SMBs. They may not yet be utilizing digital marketing. Once you find the right talent, you’ll need to interview them. It’s important to remember that you’re not looking for the best talent out there; you’re looking for the right talent for your agency. Potential hires will vary from hiring someone with a few years of experience to hiring long-term employees.

Wrapping up

Digital marketing is constantly changing, but one thing will never change: People will need it. Whether you start an agency or stick to your day job, digital marketing presents an exciting opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Now that you’re a step closer to becoming a digital marketing entrepreneur, we hope you’re ready to leap. If you have any questions about starting a digital marketing agency as a non-marketer, leave them in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to answer them.