Ivana Trump’s $34 Million Estate Gives Insight to How She Felt About Ex Donald Trump Before She Died

Ivana Trump's

Although Ivana Trump died away in July of last year, the $34 million in assets she left behind and her will provided a wealth of information about her family relationships. She made sure that Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric were properly cared for when she passed away, but she left nothing for her ex-husband, Donald Trump.

Ivana left one property for her fourth ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi, who survived her death, despite the fact that it’s probably uncommon for a former wife to leave anything to her ex. Forbes claims that the adult children are all sharing the earnings from the sale of their mother’s $26.5 million townhouse in New York City, which needs some work. Although it hasn’t sold yet, it should increase its net worth significantly. (Recall that according to his tax records, Donald Trump has only been lending money to his children so far, not giving it to them.)
Ivana was kind to her kids and one of her ex-boyfriends, but Donald Trump was not on that list. She apparently struggled since her social life was destroyed when her ex-husband was elected president. “They despise me! Everyone despises me! Marc Bouwer, a close friend and fashion designer, spoke to Ivana and described their chats to Vanity Fair.

“Everywhere I go, people yell and say stuff at me! Outside my home, at Palm Beach, St. Tropez, and everywhere else! They despise me! Ivana found it difficult to accept that her previous spouse and the last name she shared with him made the wealthy elite in which she floated so smoothly hate her. According to Bouwer, Ivana said, “It’s not my fault. I’m not the guy! He and I were divorced many years ago. This is not what I deserve.

Bouwer described his friend as “completely broken down” and Ivana never really recovered from it, which tormented her even after Donald Trump left the White House. It is understandable why she included one of her ex-husbands in the will since she had great memories of him, but Donald Trump was not going to be on that list.