Ivana Trump’s will directs Eric Trump to sell all of her furs and donate the rest of her clothes to charity

Ivana Trump's

By her last will and testament, Ivana Trump instructed her son Eric, who is married to Donald Trump’s ex-wife, to sell all of her furs and give the proceeds to charity.

Former model, entrepreneur, and ex-wife of Donald Trump Ivana Trump passed away in July 2022 at the age of 73.

Recently disclosed probate records reveal that Ivana distributed her $34 million fortune among her children, acquaintances, and even the children’s babysitter.

According to prior reports in Insider, Donald Trump received no inheritance.

Ivana instructed Eric to sell “all of her furs” and share the earnings three ways: with himself, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. Donations were made to both the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army from the remainder of her wardrobe.
Ivana was well-known for her fondness of showy accessories, and her fur collection was likely very valuable.

Ivana’s furrier and lifelong friend Dennis Basso spoke to the New York Times about her love of furs soon after her death in July.

According to Basso’s account in the New York Times, he and Ivana first crossed paths during his first New York Fashion Week presentation in 1983. The next day, the Times reports, Ivana visited his shop and purchased seven fur items.

A light silver silk shantung maxi-coat lined in deep, deep-sheared magenta fur was one of them, Basso told the Times. She went out and purchased many luxurious coats, including a chinchilla one, a sable one, and a large cashmere wrap for an upcoming formal event.

Trump’s will specifies not just who would get her pricey fur collection but also her other assets. Dorothy Curry, who cared for her children while Dorothy was out of the house, was the beneficiary of her will, along with her companion and the Yorkshire terrier she adored, Tiger, and her Florida apartment, which Redfin estimated to be worth $1,148,407.
She left her children her Upper East Side townhouse, a property in France, and a property in the Czech Republic, along with the remainder of her multimillion-dollar real estate holdings.

Probate papers in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where Ivana Trump resided permanently, show that her dying wishes were carried out before the end of last year.