Joe Biden Is In a World of Trouble

Joe Biden Is In a World of Trouble

Joe Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal: The Unanswered Questions When did he learn this, and what exactly did he learn?
To What End Was Joe Biden’s Lawyers Sweeping His Office?
This week, American businessman Greg Orman posed this very topic in an opinion piece for

Although the official account says that “middle-class Joe” had his attorneys “pack up” the president’s old office at the Penn Biden Center, Orman pointed out that this doesn’t add up.

Orman stated, “As many big-time East Coast attorneys now regularly charge $1,000 an hour, that’s an extraordinarily costly packing crew,” implying that the goal wasn’t so much to “pack” as it was to “purge.” The fact that it happened a week before the elections when the Republicans were widely predicted to seize control of the House of Representatives, is also notable, as it suggests that it was likely done in preparation of a GOP-led probe.

Did the Lawyers Have Permission to Search for the Files?
And it’s unclear why Biden’s lawyers were given free rein to do their business without any oversight from the outside.

This was true of his Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, residences as well as the Penn Biden Center.

Sources agree that Biden’s private attorneys lacked the necessary authorization to access TS/SCI files.

This one could have a partial solution. Joe Biden apparently had two teams of lawyers on his side: his own private lawyers and the White House counsel office’s lawyers, who work for the United States government and not for Biden personally. This doesn’t answer the question of why the private attorneys were there, though.

Did Joe Biden, Despite His Claims, Really “Self-Report?”
The president and his supporters have insisted that Vice President Biden “self-reported” his misconduct, arguing that it pales in comparison to former President Trump’s handling of secret materials.

But even if one side is at fault, it doesn’t justify the other.

In an editorial post for, veteran federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy said that Biden did not self-report, at least not in the way that the president has implied. To “self-report” a crime, as McCarthy put it, one must contact the authorities. The former vice president did not take such action.

McCarthy said that a detailed examination of events showed that the White House had anticipated the scandal would go away without notice or criminal prosecution.

Explain how it is that these records wound up at the Penn Biden Archives.
After leaving his position as vice president, Biden reportedly utilized the office at his Washington, DC-based think tank, as reported by several outlets, including 19FortyFive.

Here, McCarthy provided some further insight by adding, “It wasn’t until February 2018 that the Penn Biden Center officially opened. When Joe Biden departed the Obama White House in 2017, he definitely took the paperwork with him.”

The next logical inquiry is what happened to the files in that time span of 13 months. What about Biden’s other cars, like his cherished Corvette, did they spend time in the garage?

When do you think we may find more records?
The Biden offices have been shut down, and the residence has been inspected (many times), so it’s quite unlikely that any more sensitive materials will be discovered at this point. However, this won’t stop the inquiries.
The most pressing concern today is whether or not we can believe Biden’s claim that “I take sensitive papers and classified materials seriously.”

Biden also questioned how Trump’s handling of secret information could have occurred last summer, saying, “How that could conceivably happen.” “It’s hard to fathom how somebody could be so careless. And I wondered, what information might be there that may endanger research integrity? To put it bluntly, it’s quite careless.”