Julie Chrisley was sent to a medical center for inmates — not the federal prison where she was set to serve her sentence

Julie Chrisley

Jail authorities told Insider that reality TV personality Julie Chrisley is being kept hundreds of miles away at an inmate medical facility in Kentucky. Rather than the prison in Florida, where she was scheduled to begin serving a seven-year sentence for fraud on Tuesday.

The Chrisleys’ combined 19-year fraud sentence began on January 17 when Todd and Julie turned themselves into the Bureau of Prisons. The pair from the USA Network reality program “Chrisley Knows Best” was found guilty in June of presenting banks with false financial documents that exaggerated their wealth by more than $30 million.

Both defendants want to be housed in separate facilities in Florida, some 150 miles apart. A Bureau of Prisons spokesman informed Insider that although Todd Chrisley had been transferred to the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida, on Tuesday, Julie Chrisley was being held at the Federal Medical Center Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Bureau of Prisons’ spokeswoman elaborated on the bureau’s designation procedure, saying, “While we do not reveal why an individual prisoner was designated or moved to a particular correctional facility, we may give broad information.”

Possible explanations for Julie Chrisley’s abrupt move include variations in inmates’ requirements for medical care, specific programming preferences, and closeness to their home or court dates.

A satellite camp with bare-bones security is located next to the Lexington hospital. We also need to find out how long Julie plans to spend at the hospital or what prompted her to get there before everyone else.

Julie received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 and began treatment the following year. Ten years after her double mastectomy, in March 2022, she celebrated her cancer-free status by telling people that her doctor had informed her she no longer needed to take cancer-treating medicines.