Marjorie Taylor Greene’s amendment to bar Biden from selling oil goes down in massive bipartisan defeat

Marjorie Taylor Greene

President Joe Biden has released a record amount of oil over the past year from American petroleum reserves to enhance oil supplies and bring down gasoline prices, which surged at the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
However, some Republican senators have criticized Biden for selling so much oil, despite the fact that his administration has recently started to buy it back to replenish the stocks. To fight the high cost of petrol, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Thursday presented an amendment that would have stopped Biden from selling oil in the future.
Greene used this justification for the amendment: “We need to chart a course back to energy independence and make sure President Biden is unable to sell our critical oil supplies to China and other enemy nations,” which is why she wants to “prevent Biden from claiming an emergency to further reduce our strategic oil supplies.”