People Make Time for What They Want – Utilzing Time

Are you putting in the hours and giving it your all by working harder? Do you feel there’s more that you could do to reach your goals faster? If so, take a moment to breathe and think people make time for what they want, but did I do so? Think deeper.

It sounds like you’re pushing yourself with everything that you have. Good job! Now, ask yourself this: Are you making time for what matters because people make time for what they want? Have you left any part of your life unaddressed but still expect to find fulfillment in other areas of your life? 

We all know how important work is. We also know that personal time away from the office is essential. But what about something in between? Do those things matter almost as much as work or personal time away from work? How do we make time for what’s essential without spending our most imprint dedicated time? Read on for some answers while thinking about it. 

What Is “Important” Time?

Some of the best advice you can receive is to make time for what’s important because only a few people make time for what they want. It may not be work or personal time, but something in between. What you consider important may be different from what another person finds important. 

So first, think about what you need to make time for, which means making a list of all the essential things you need to do. At first, it may be just a wish list and something you like to do in your leisure when you are free. 

Commit to Something You Care About

Make a list of things that you care about as the first step. To do this, it’s crucial to think about anything that brings you joy outside your work and personal time away from work. 

For some people, this list might be their faith, relationships with friends and family members, or their creativity. Some others would prefer doing exercise or reading. Whatever it is for you, please write it down so you can remember why these things matter to you. 

Now select one task on the list and commit to do it over a month. After one month, evaluate how well you did with this commitment and if any changes in your life need to be made. You might find that there are other commitments on the list which could stand to be emphasized more than the one that was chosen for one month. 

After reflecting on what matters in life (outside of work), take time each day to do something in service of those commitments. It could be as simple as reading ten pages before bedtime or spending 15 minutes meditating each morning. The point is to reconnect with yourself and do something in service of what’s important outside of work hours!

Think About What’s Important to You

You need to ask yourself, “What matters most in my life? What would I like to do more?”  

It can take some time and thoughts. Once you figure out what matters most, make it a priority. Spend more time on those things so they become part of your routine and don’t take away from other areas of your life. 

For example, let’s say that making dinner every night is essential to you. You could spend a few minutes after work making dinner instead of ordering pizza again or eating out at restaurants as much as before. Spending some extra time cooking one meal each week could free up hours later in the evening for something fun with friends or family members. People make time for what they want and talk to your own heart and listen that you make time for what you want.

People Make Time for What They Want By Planning

It’s essential to make a plan and write it down. This will help keep you on track and make it easier to see how much time you have allocated for each task. 

You should also consider each person in your life. Sometimes this means having a conversation about how each person feels about their needs being met. And finally, if you look at your schedule and realize there’s not enough time in one day for all the things that matter most to you, then break it up by days or weeks. 

For example, if Monday is your busiest day of the week because of morning meetings, try scheduling some of the less important tasks for either Friday or Saturday instead.

It’s the Right Time to Stop and Have a Re-Evaluate

Ask yourself, “What are my priorities? What does a well-balanced life look like for me?” We all work hard. We also know how essential it is to care for our personal lives. But what about something in between? Do those things matter almost as much as work or personal time away from work? How do we make time for what’s essential without sacrificing other areas of our lives like other people make time for what they want? 

To find success, you need to figure out where your priorities are and how to balance them accordingly. It will help if you allocate time to the things that really matter most to you and then figure out how you can fit them into your schedule.

For many people, these things might be family, friends, hobbies, passions – anything that feels fulfilling and worthwhile. It could be something that gives you happiness – whether cooking a meal on Sunday with your friend or spending a week at the beach in Mexico with your family. 

These might not seem valuable because they don’t produce an immediate financial return, but they’re just as important when finding balance in your life. To have a well-balanced life, you must make time for those other aspects of your life that need love too! Few people make time for what they want; if you can be one of them, that really matters. 

How to Make Time for the Most Valuable Things

People make time for what they want is all about prioritizing. You get to decide how you want to spend your time and how much of it you want to spend on each activity. Work is an essential part of life, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing that matters. The trick is in the prioritization: make your work a priority, but don’t let it take up all your time.

Leaving some room for other activities will not only help you manage your workload better; it will also help you find fulfillment outside of work. This can be as simple as going on a walk during lunch or spending time with family at night before bed. Here are some examples of things to prioritize in your life. People make time for what they want despite how busy they are.


Last but not least, take control! When you feel like you’re not making time for what matters most, it’s time to stop and re-evaluate. Whatever you need to do as a task, it’s time to take control and make the changes that will bring you the most joy and fulfillment. Now it’s up to you. Take these steps and watch your productivity—and all the other areas of your life—start to improve, and so will your happiness. Only a few people make time for what they want, be one of them.