So, Apparently, Meghan Markle Won’t Be Writing That Tell-All Memoir After All

Meghan Markle Won’t Be Writing

It’s only a matter of days until the publishing of Prince Harry’s book, Spare, so it’s only natural that royal insiders are already hyping the next chapter in the Sussex saga: Meghan Markle’s tell-all royal biography.

According to The Sun, Meghan has been “contemplating going fully frank about her time in the royal limelight” in her own tell-all. This rumor first surfaced earlier this week. These rumors, however, were debunked by Entertainment Tonight yesterday. Alright then!
It’s worth noting, though, that when rumors first started circulating that Meghan was penning the book, the rumor mill said that “contemplating” the idea was an understatement and that Meghan may already be hard at work on the manuscript.
An “unknown royal insider” informed OK! magazine, “She absolutely plans to write this book and leave no stone unturned” (per The Sun). It’s simply a matter of when she decides to give up so that she and Harry may maintain what little rapport they have with King Charles. At this point, she seems to have nothing to lose by proceeding. “The procedure is already humbly in the way.”

A “Hollywood agent,” a source for the Mail on Sunday, claims that Meghan’s goal for publishing a tell-all would have gone beyond simply sharing her tale with the public, making it a smart move should she enter the realm of American politics.

To tell you the truth, I’d be surprised if Meghan didn’t end up publishing her own narrative. Prince Harry’s story deserves to be told, and Spare is the perfect opportunity, but hers is just as interesting. How often does an actress become engaged to a prince, anyway?” the agent questioned. I can see why people may think that if she had political aspirations.

An unnamed insider told The Sun that the repercussions from Spare would be “greater for them than the royal family is expecting,” contradicting an earlier story that the royal family was “bracing” for Meghan to release her own biography. There are obviously many speculations about the royal family in 2023. *le sigh*