The Tell-tale Sign that Trump will be Indicted According to Attorney

Trump’s Angry Rant During Deposition

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is revealing his hand with his constant social media tweets. Former US Army prosecutor and attorney Glenn Kirschner claim as much.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Justice Matters, Kirschner referred to a recent tweet by Trump in which he said:

My “Prosecutor” is a Radical Left Trump-hating lunatic whose wife and family get a perfect “10” for spewing Trump hate and whose “friends” are the evilest, angry, and most disgusting Marxists and Communists in and around Government. “How come the Biden “Prosecutor” is a nice guy, very friendly with Democrats and RINOS alike, close to Christopher Wray, & pretty much liked & known by everybody? On Saturday, Trump shared an update on Truth Social. “These sick thugs are spending hours grilling innocent individuals before Grand Juries to ‘get Trump.'”

In Kirschner’s opinion, posts like these show how desperate the former president is and how helpless Trump feels in the face of an impending indictment. “It’s clear from his tone that indictments are imminent and that he’s terrified and desperate.

Kirschner said that Trump’s penchant for all-caps postings is an attempt to make his messages seem “particularly powerful,” citing many examples.
Donald Trump referred to special counsel Jack Smith as a “political hit guy” and “weaponized by far-left monsters” in a tweet.

Is Trump’s Self-Esteem in Tatters?

Kirschner also asserts that Trump’s lack of faith in his innocence is evident in his frequent and careless social media postings.
The Trump campaign has replied to Kirschner’s allegations by calling into doubt both his character and credibility, claiming, “Glenn is recognized as a renowned smuggler of radically invented conspiracy ideas and poor legal analyses.” Nothing less would surprise me from the MSNBC contributor who is seeking prominence.

While Kirschner isn’t a trained psychologist, he claims to be an expert on human behavior because of his three decades of experience investigating crime “I am rather adept at recognizing the telltale symptoms of desperation and guilt.