‘The View’ Derailed by Audience Member Calling Whoopi Goldberg An “Old Broad”

Whoopi Goldberg

Be mindful of your choice of words before blurting them out on The View. Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s longstanding moderator, was called an “old broad” by a particularly angry viewer during today’s program, and the veteran actress and comedian provided the finest reaction possible.

The audience at this morning’s tape was incredibly enthusiastic, but as the applause subsided, spectators in the studio started shouting questions at the panel. Goldberg tried to keep the program moving, but she had to halt the introduction of the first Hot Topics segment to explain what she heard from the audience.

She started to say, “So anyone wondering about the —” but then she turned to the fur-hatted person in the crowd. Is that an old broad you just called me? she questioned.

As it became evident that Joy Behar had missed the statement, she inquired, “Did she?” Goldberg, in disbelief, said, “Yes.”
Behar, still bewildered, said, “She said what?” Wow, you don’t look too bad for an elderly gal. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there, Joy. What Goldberg remembers most clearly is her exclamation of “You old broad!” To which he replied, “Hey!” and I said, “Hey!”

In response to Sunny Hostin’s “it’s Wednesday” observation, Goldberg, who had just finished wiping lipstick off her mouth at Sara Haines’ polite request, reiterated, “It’s Wednesday. And I embrace my status as an elderly woman.

Because you know what they say, Whoopi?” Hostin prompted. “What are we supposed to do instead?” The presenter agreed, saying, “The alternative is not appealing to any of us. The goal for both sexes is to age gracefully.