Trump’s Big Announcement: The Former President’s Next Move Has Nothing to Do With Politics

Trump's Big Announcement

Trump has been hinting at a “major announcement” since earlier this week. Indications of the announcement’s content were widely discussed. Trump made a statement, and it had nothing to do with politics, despite widespread speculation that he would reveal his 2024 running partner.
NFTs to the President of Real Estate Tycoons
It looks like former President Trump will be giving NFTs a try. He revealed a deck of Trump-themed trading cards that cost $99 a pop. In the cards, Trump is seen dressed in a wide range of guises that are designed to symbolise different stages of his life and professional endeavours.

Trump said, “These cards include some of the truly amazing artwork relevant to my life and business.” They are also excellent presents!”

Then he says something along these lines: Here is my whole set of Donald Trump-certified digital trading cards! These exclusive playing cards showcase incredible artwork inspired by my personal history and professional achievements.” He thinks they will sell so fast since they make such good Christmas presents.

They were designed by artist Clark Mitchell and are limited to 45,000 copies (a tribute to the fact that he is the 45th president).

The Long-Term Prognosis for NFTs Sales of NFTs fell by 20% in November, continuing a downward trend that began last November. Rumour has it that purchasers of Trump NFT cards will have the opportunity to meet the ex-president. You may get your hands on these trading cards by visiting Your name will also be placed into a competition where you might win a personal encounter with Trump.
There were other prizes up for grabs, however, including a chance to play golf or dine with him. The big prize consists of a trip to Trump’s gala in Miami. Spend $4,500 on 45 trading cards and gain yourself a surefire entry.

Any profits made through the sale of NFTs will not be donated to Trump’s 2024 reelection campaign, according to a notice posted on the site. That these “Digital Trading Cards” have nothing to do with a political campaign is made clear on the site.

As an added note, NFT INT LLC, the firm responsible for making the cards, has zero ties to either Donald Trump or the Trump Organization. The use of Trump’s name and image on this product is authorised by the president.